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  • Things to do in Bali

    Things to do in Bali

    There are some interesting things that we can do while being in Bali. Besides enjoying the extraordinary view, we can also do the other activities. By not harming the beautiful environment is pretty much enough tokeep it safe and green. Being in a place we have never been there before demands us to be very […]

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  • Scenery of Bali

    Scenery of Bali

    Talking about Bali must always relate to its exquisite countryside and the beach’s awesomeness which can be a refreshing object to our eyes. Not only the landscape, but also the Balinese original culture that makes the tourists astonished. The authenticity of Indonesia that lies on Bali makes world see Bali as a noted and popular […]

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  • Prambanan Temple

    Prambanan Temple

    This is the largest Hindu temple in Southeast Asia, altitude of 47 meters and has been declared as one of the world cultural heritage in 1991 by UNESCO. This is also the most magnificent Hindu temple in Indonesia. Prambanan temple is located on the border between the two provinces of Yogyakarta and Central Java. This […]

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  • Luxurious Vacation in Bali


    Bali and its million fascination of culture and lifestyle can make you want to be there soon. Some beautiful shores and mountains are the best assets to present there. Nonetheless, it is not rare for us to have an exquisite and luxurious voyage so it can be a good memory for us when we back […]

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  • Tourist Attraction in Bali

    Bali Bungy Jumping

    Talking about Bali Island, we must imagine how fascinating it is. Beaches in Bali have become the most favorite destination both for local and foreign tourist. Most of them are the surf beach seeker, who are craving for southern beaches with huge waves so it can be a nice place for playing out their hobbies, […]